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Inspired By The Simple Life, The Life Of Living On A Farm.


Enter a World of Magic and Adventure with our Whimsical Collection.

Come meet the characters that make this collection possible.

Exceptional Furniture & Decor + So Much More!

Transport yourself to a place of your childhood dreams with natural furniture lovingly selected by Gershwin & Gertie. For nearly a decade, we've dedicated ourselves to the rustic look so that you can live in the country even if your address is New York City. Imagine the chickens clucking and the breeze flowing through the tall grasses by adding one or more of these furniture pieces to your home.

Exceptional furniture comes from reclaimed wood found across the nation. Cast iron, wood and hardware that was commonly used on farms are now recycled into modern farmhouse,  cottage, bungalow, cabin, and beach house furniture with a twist. Decorate your dining room with a breathtaking dining table, or choose decor elements for the walls. Even a weathered metal bucket becomes a conversation piece when you fill it with flowers and foliage. Enjoy Gershwin & Gertie home decor straight from our creative hearts. You inspire Gershwin & Gertie every day.

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